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Epsilon Gamma Iota, Inc.

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Almighty Alpha Chapter of Epsilon Gamma Iota, Inc.  It was on our very own campus where our great fraternity was founded back in 1984. In order to stay true to our traditions and uphold the legacy that our brothers and sisters left before us we continue to prevail through unity. As we strive to promote excellence throughout the many different technical communities, we also want to give all of you a chance to get to know Epsilon on a new level. I am writing with great excitement to welcome you to get an exclusive peek as to what life is like in our wonderful chapter.


Samiria Percival

Alpha Chapter President

2015 - 2016

Welcome from the President

Help us achieve our goals. We welcome donations of all sizes from every avenue. Your donation could be significant for Alpha Chapter. 

See what events we having coming up this year. Alumni, other undergraduate chapters, and students feel free to join us for programs that we have designed just for you. 

Get a true feel of what it is like to become a life long member of our great organization. See what Epsilon is all about. 

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